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A government agency rapidly ramps up its PPE distribution infrastructure with SCA’s support


In the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic, a  government agency needed to quickly add to its distribution infrastructure so it could procure and deploy critical personal protective equipment (PPE) to the non-health entities of the broader public sector, such as our Police, Fire and Correctional Services front-line heroes.


Given Supply Chain Alliance’s (SCA) experience post-SARS and pre-H1N1 in successfully establishing the PPE distribution infrastructure for the health sector, and a track record of successful start-ups and operational turnarounds, the agency quickly engaged SCA to lead the effort and we got to work immediately.

While the agency established a procurement team and commandeered internal resources to staff the project team, SCA moved rapidly to source sufficient available space and a proficient third-party logistics (3PL) service provider. Leveraging the expertise of its team and network, SCA quickly defined requirements, drafted and executed an RFP, and selected a partner within the first three days onboard.

Operations began immediately with the rerouting of inbound product and first receipts beginning on day four. The project team organized itself around a two-phased approach, with Phase 1 focused on activities enabling immediate “start-up” and Phase 2 on ensuring “stabilization and a successful transition”.

During the six weeks of Phase 1, SCA led and supported a cross-functional project team comprised of agency and 3PL resources, through:

With operations successfully up and running, and with SCA playing a significant role in managing daily operations, efforts during Phase 2 shifted to stabilization and, ultimately, to ensuring a successful hand-off to the agency’s management team. These final six weeks focused on:

Prior to completing the engagement, SCA developed and executed a detailed transition plan that ensured the completion of all key deliverables and the successful hand-off of ongoing initiatives to the care and control of agency staff. In addition, SCA developed a timephased roadmap of additional recommendations to further improve operations that will guide the team over the next 12 months.



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