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When COVID-19 ends, let’s remember those who kept our supply chains running

April 21, 2020
By Mike Croza

Over the past 27 years of supply chain consulting, we’ve had to explain the meaning of “supply chain” to many friends, family and colleagues — but not so today.

Having supported the Ontario government pre-H1N1 in 2008 in establishing a distribution centre and transportation network to move personal protection equipment (PPE) across the province, we are again assisting Ontario in managing the PPE supply chain during COVID-19. We truly hope this event is a catalyst for change in how medical equipment and supplies are governed and deployed so our courageous healthcare and frontline workers get what they need.

As the country mobilizes to bring personal protection equipment to our hospitals and long-term care facilities, perishable and packaged goods to our grocery stores, and medicine and healthcare products to our pharmacies, the public is gaining a greater understanding of the importance of supply chain to how we function as a society. You just need to look at Google’s search trends to see this is true. Last week, “How to handle groceries during coronavirus?” was one of the most often asked questions.

The pandemic is also giving us an up-close-and-personal look at the dedicated people who are keeping the supply chain running. Our distribution and manufacturing workers. Our truck drivers. Our grocery store cashiers. These important members of our supply chain are all working around the clock in stressful situations to get us what we need. I encourage all of us to remember all of the many frontline people who stepped up and kept our supply chains running when we needed it most. Thank you.

Mike Croza
Managing Partner
Supply Chain Alliance

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